Yamaha Starter Arranger Keyboards
Yamaha Keyboards are world renowned for providing an excellent playing experience and providing a realistic, enjoyable, selection of sounds. Perfect for beginner players just starting a keyboard career, Arranger Keyboards give you everything to learn and perform to the highest possible standard. Here at Normans, we are proud to stock these fantastic instruments.


The first keyboard in this family is the Yamaha PSREW300. Designed to provide the first insight into Yamaha’s experience in music education and professionalism, it has 61 notes which are all touch sensitive. This allows for greater expression, and flexibility in playing. As mentioned earlier, Yamaha aren’t just known for making high quality instruments. They also play a big part in music education, and their abilities are shown with the Yamaha Education Suite. This built in lesson feature allows you to learn a selection of built in songs, without having to pay out for a music teacher!Yamaha PSRE


The Yamaha PSRE463 has more features and gives you an easier playing experience. The main reason for this is due to the inbuilt ‘Registration Banks’. These allow you to save certain voices and styles to a single bank, and so by the touch of a button, all of your settings are ready to be used! Want to try and experiment with your audio more? The DJ control knobs can be assigned to control different parameters of the keyboard, giving you live effects such as reverb, echo and much more! There is certainly a lot to play around with in this keyboard!Yamaha PSRE


All of the keyboards we have talked about so far are fantastic, but slightly limited on keys! This is where the Yamaha PSRE410 comes in! Having very similar features to the PSRE463, this keyboard offers a wider range of musical possibilities. This is in no small part due to by having 76 touch sensitive keys! Still with access to the registration banks and DJ control knobs, you can play more of the music that you love! This keyboard is great for live use and gives you a good insight into how more expensive arranger workstations operate!Yamaha PSRE The beauty with these keyboards is that they contain features that everyone can use. Beginners can take advantage of the built in Yamaha Education Suite. More advanced players can save voices and styles to the registration banks to make live playing even easier!