You’ve probably heard me banging on about how great plastic brass is! How plastic brass (which we’ve abbreviated to pBrass – sorry Warwick Music… it just makes sense!) has made learning a brass musical instrument so much more accessible. Yes, your children can drop the plastic instrument and it will still play perfectly fine. See the video below for the proof (I’m not having you on…promise)! So now do you believe me? You can see the full range of plastic brass instruments here. However, for this blog, you’ll find class packs – great for education.

ptrumpet class packpTrumpet Class Pack

First up, is the pTrumpet Class Pack. There’s a variety of different coloured pTrumpets suitable for 15 players. The packs make purchasing higher quantities of instruments easier and cheaper. Yes we have thrown in a few deals for you along the way. We encourage music education, so why not help you schools and music services out? After all, you’re the ones teaching the future generations of musicians. We couldn’t be any more supportive. You can take a more detailed look at the pTrumpet class pack here.

pbuzz-education-packpBuzz Class Pack

The ultimate beginner instrument. The pBuzz most definitely superiors the recorder every single time! I only wish I had the pBuzz to learn when I was at school. At roughly the same price, I know which instrument I’d prefer and recommend. The pBuzz Education Bundle features 15 pBuzz’s, 15 extra mouthpieces, a teachers learn to play lesson book and a large storage box. Everything a classroom could need. So, rejuvenate those recorder music lessons and create new traditions. Other schools have – you can see the benefits in the video below. If the video doesn’t do it for you, we also had a primary school review the pBuzz.

pbrass class packpBrass Class Pack

A class pack featuring a little bit of everything. Perfect for schools getting an ensemble going. This pack will give you 5 pBone’s, 5 pCornets, 5 pTrumpets and 10 pBuzz’s. This pBrass Class Pack includes a variety of pInstruments to get your music classrooms enthused by the brightly coloured instruments. The ultimate plastic brass class pack. Suitable for 25 players, this pack is big enough for most student groups.

There you have it! The pBrass class packs I’d recommend. Created for school and music groups in mind, these brass packs rejuvenate traditional music lessons and create a new dimension to music education. Giving children the opportunity to develop life skills, timing, rhythm and to be social. Developing the musicians of the future.