Practice Makes Perfect: Best Practicing Techniques
Photo of a young girl playing the piano at home. One of the key parts of playing an instrument is practice. It is one of those things that can be loved or hated. All the best musicians have had to work so hard to get to where they are today. Here are 6 handy tips to help make your practicing the best it can be!

#1. Be patient!

When you are practicing a new piece, don’t get annoyed with yourself if you make a few silly mistakes! We have all been there. Every time you play, you will improve in some way. You might not notice it to begin with, but after you’ve played it a few times, you will realise how well you’ve done!

#2. Know what you’ve got to do!

The worst thing you can do is to sit down ready to practice and… you don’t know what to do. Make a routine, ensuring you know what you have got to do, so you are prepared for every practice session. This way, you can make your practice session more effective, improving your playing skills overall.

#3. Don’t spend too long on it!

To avoid getting too stressed about practicing, assign yourself short “bursts” of time. These could be 30 minute slots, where you could concentrate on things like scales for example. If you do 30 minutes of effective practice, you will improve dramatically!

#4. Don’t avoid it!

It is so easy to avoid practising your instrument, but you won’t improve if you don’t! Don’t let yourself avoid it by making sure everything you need is ready to go. Put music books in places that are always visible to you, so you are always being prompted to practice. The scary bit is actually starting, but once you sit down and start playing, nothing can stop you!

#5. Try to enjoy it!

It sounds difficult, but try to enjoy your practice sessions. It really does make a difference to your playing. So when your music teacher tells you to practice, don’t moan about it. Just enjoy it! The time will go quicker, and you will be happier!

#6. Reward yourself!

After a hard session of practice, why don’t you reward yourself in some way? It could be treating yourself to some chocolate, watching your favourite film or just simply going out with friends or family. By treating yourself, it will want you to play more! The more practice you do, the better at playing you become! Hopefully by looking at these ideas, you will be able to make your practice more enjoyable and useful, so you get the best out of your time!