Woodwind Accessories Guide
Classic music Sax tenor saxophone and clarinet in black background Whether you are buying your very first woodwind instrument, or if you're looking for something to help with your instrument care then look no further! I have scoured our website to find the essential accessories for all your woodwind needs. Care Kit No matter which woodwind instrument you choose to play, you should make sure that you keep it clean and in good working order. Using a pull-through to remove the moisture from the inside of your instrument is a good habit to get into, as it protects the pads/body from becoming moisture damaged, which can make your servicing bill very expensive! Polishing cloths for the outside of your instrument are also very handy as they easily and gently remove any finger or water marks from your silver plating or lacquer. The Rocket Care kits for Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone are good, low-cost options to get you kitted out with the cleaning essentials! 5905 5906 Pad Saver Pad savers are also another way to protect you instrument's delicate pads from excess moisture. The fluffy fibres of the Pad Saver remove any leftover moisture from the instrument after using a pull-through to keep everything nice and dry! Here at Normans we stock the HW range of Pad Savers for Flute, Clarinet, and Alto/Tenor sax, which are non-shedding due to their synthetic fibres, meaning you won’t end up with a fluffy instrument! Simply put the pad saver inside the instrument when you have finished playing. 327 307 Instrument Stand An instrument stand is a handy accessory for any woodwind player, especially if you regularly play in concerts etc. A stand will offer a safe and secure place to pop your instrument when you need to put it down for a short amount of time when playing, rather than leaving your valuable instrument resting on a cushion/chair/bed/the floor! We stock a selection of instrument stands from Stagg, Konig & Meyer and Hercules, and all can be found on our website here. 1793 1791 Reeds Seems obvious, but for those who are new to playing a woodwind instrument (with the exception of flutes!) you will need to buy reeds. Reeds are made from cane, and depending how well you look after them and how often you play, they will need to be changed fairly regularly. Reeds will deteriorate over time, and can become chipped or split, so it is always useful to have new ones to hand when it is time to change! At Normans we stock reeds from Vandoren and Rico, as well as a selection of Double Reeds. 442 468 Neck Sling For anyone who plays the saxophone, or needs a little more support for their clarinet or bassoon, a neck strap is an essential accessory. Helping to support a heavier instrument and take the weight off your hands, a neck sling can aid in correct posture, and stop you injuring yourself! We have a selection of padded slings for saxophone, and supportive slings for clarinet and bassoon/bass clarinet. 1507_2_ 520 Of course there are LOADS of other accessories for your woodwind instrument, too many for me to list in one blog, so if you would like to browse our full selection and get some more ideas you can do so here.