Rocket Music have established themselves as a reliable brand for affordable folk instruments. Included in their range are a couple of great options for Mandolin players. With something for bedroom beginners, or those with a mind for progressing to the stage.

Rocket Traditional Bluegrass Mandolin

The Rocket Traditional Bluegrass Mandolin is an ideal starter Mandolin. Fitting the traditional A-Style, Teardrop shape design. With basswood used for the top, back and sides, this Mandolin resonates well for good projection and tone. As well as sounding great, this Mandolin is very appealing to the eye. With the Sunburst finish paired with a black scratchplate and engraved tailpiece cover. To add to the traditional aesthetic, two F-Holes act as soundholes for the instrument. Included with this Rocket Traditional Bluegrass Mandolin is a protective gigbag. This gigbag features a front pocket and a back strap for added comfort and ease of travelling. rocket-mandolin

Rocket Electro-Acoustic Mandolin

This Mandolin is perfect for those who are looking for an option with more volume possible. This instrument still maintains the traditional design similarly to the previous model. While being electro-acoustic, it can still be played acoustically. The added pickup and controls allow this Mandolin to be plugged in. You can use a conventional guitar amplifier, or plug into a PA system or DI box to gain more volume. Perfect to use live, or in the studio for direct recording. Even if you aren’t looking to perform or record, the ability to plug into an amp opens up a world of different tones and allows for the use of interesting affects with your Mandolin. The electric aspect of this Mandolin is controlled by simple volume and tone controls. Much like the Traditional Bluegrass model, this Mandolin is supplied with a gigbag. This Mandolin is completed with a redburst finish, with a deep red stain which fades into a black burst edge. This mandolin also has a white binding around the edge for some contrast. electro-mandolin