Sibelius - Still leading the way
Sibelius has been the leading notation software for many years. Making it easy to arrange, transcribe and compose on a digital platform. Having been used in education settings for a long time, the software is ideal for classrooms and students. Regular upgrades, updates and support ensure that Sibelius remains cutting edge and comprehensive.

Sibelius Features

With Sibelius Ultimate, you will get most in-depth experience. Featuring an advanced tool set which allows for creating sophisticated scores. So, there is a massive range of symbols, notes, instruments and more. All with an incredibly intuitive interface and with customisation available to suit your score. Aesthetically you can craft your score to suit your preferred look. Adjusting lyrics, alignment, fonts and styles, you can create a suitable manuscript. Notes don’t have to just be clicked in like they used to be, Sibelius Ultimate accepts input from a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI source. This allows for the most comfortable experience. This also has an on-screen piano roll or fretboard window available. Sharing your score is incredibly easy with cloud sharing available. With this, you can add your own notes directly to the score. No more need for scribbling on your physical sheet music! Sibelius Ultimate integrates with a number of devices and products seamlessly. With the Avid Scorch app, you can export project files to your iPad. Ideal if you’re tired of carrying physical notes around! Along with this, Sibelius Ultimate integrates with ProTools. Allowing you to record your parts into ProTools directly, and even send your ProTools tracks into Sibelius for scoring.


Whether you’re a teacher or a student, Sibelius is available at a discounted price for education customers. Students can benefit from this reduced price for a copy for their own use. Ideal for any music student who will require this leading notation software. Schools can purchase Sibelius with the lower rate, then purchase additional seats to ensure that each member of their class has access to the software. However, if you already have a number of seats and wish to upgrade, upgrade seats are quite affordable. In addition, seats can be purchased, or upgraded, to work over a school network, or individually installed onto computers. And of course, the greatest thing about the new Sibelius is the amount of support and help available to you for an entire year after activating the program. With each copy you will now receive 12-month upgrade and support plans. This means you will be entitled to any new versions and software upgrades released during the 12 month period. During this time, you will also receive a 24/7 support via email or phone. This is one of the many amazing benefits, making you feel confident in using the software whether you are a novice or a professional.