cleaning flute
Cleaning noun ˈkliː.nɪŋ - The activity of removing the dirt from things and places

Man-Cleaning unofficial .meɪd/ ʌp/ - The activity of pretending to remove the dirt from things and places

Other similar nouns that also could apply to Musical Instruments. Disinfect, wipe, polish, sanitise… decontaminate? (That last one's mostly for us curry-eating Trombonists.)

trombone cleaning brushBeautiful Brass

In case you are eating, I will not subject you to the ‘nasties’ that can gather within your instrument. It’s obvious that there is a lot of warm, moist saliva constantly being blown into the depths and nooks of your instrument. Plus, the residue of anything you have been eating or drinking. For the majority of instruments, I recommend a full clean once a week. It only takes 10 minutes with the right equipment, but it can keep you and your instrument fit and healthy. For brass instruments, a nice warm bath or a good ‘dousing’ over the sink with a highly diluted non-scented disinfectant will be ideal. To get around all of the ‘nooks & crannies’ the easiest option is a long brush. The Sonata Trombone Cleaning Brush can reach all the way around the outer-slide lower bend. It is also suitable to get around the tubing for Baritones, Euphoniums and Tubas. For Trumpets and Cornets, we have the Flexi Sonata Trumpet/Cornet Cleaning Brush. Again, ideal for those hard to reach places requiring a good scrub.

flute cleaning rodFresh Flutes

They should - sound as sweet as a song-lark, and as pure as mountain dew. Yet, if badly maintained, it could mean tones and tonnes of trouble! The interior of your Flute should be regularly wiped and dried through. This prevents a build-up of moisture and a degradation of the pads and springs. The ideal solution is to use the Sonata Metal Flute Cleaning Rod or Sonata Plastic Rod. Both of these should be used in conjunction with a handkerchief style cloth, and can be stored in your case.

oboe-swabThe Littlest Oboe

Similar to the Flute, an Oboe can harbour moisture and grime within. But with a porous wood, it is imperative that it is regularly cleaned. The Sonata Oboe Swab is a low-cost accessory which will prolong the life of your oboes pads, and other parts which can start to wear down over time. It is made from 100% real silk, and when placed inside your oboe, effectively removes moisture and debris.

Bassoon Lasts 'Lucy' Longer


Maintaining your instrument is vital. It saves you money and it saves your health. These Bassoon swab sets are a great value-for-money accessory that ensure a double-reed delight! The Sonata Silk Bassoon Swab Set 1 is designed to fit in your case and allows you to pull through your bassoon to get rid of any dirt and moisture that may be lurking! Similar to a Saxophone pad saver, they are designed to stay inserted when travelling. The equally important Sonata Bassoon Swab Set 2 consists of two perfect sizes of silk handkerchiefs. Simply pull the swab through the instrument, and it will remove any lingering dirt and dust within seconds. Ideal for long periods on stage and post-performance to allow a consistent sound production. It doesn’t take long to maintain your beloved instrument. We try to keep to the motto, Keep Calm, and Clean it out.