The majestic and unique aura of the wonderful bassoon is a triumph in musical tonality. Versatile enough to achieve the depth and intensity of Bach’s Bassoon Concerto, to the idiocy of ‘Lucy long’! The elder statesman of the Double-Reed section sets a true foundation within the woodwind texture. Here at Normans Musical Instruments we are proud to offer the brilliant Sonata Bassoons. All Sonata products are epitomised by their focus on superb design and build quality. These high standards are continued throughout all their instruments with outstanding playability and affordability.

mini-bassoonSonata Student Mini

Perfectly designed for young players to start their double-reed musical adventure. The mini is smaller than a standard Bassoon, making this ideal for younger musicians and early teenagers. The key work is identical to a full-size bassoon which makes for easy learning and continued progression. Its ABS body makes it easy for small hands to setup and also means there are no risks of cracks or swelling. It offers accurate intonation, rich full tone and is perfect for any young musician wanting to learn.

beginner-bassoonSonata Full Size

The Sonata Bassoon is perfect for anyone learning or a progressing student. Professionally designed and equipped with high E, Eb and D keys. Using carefully selected solid maple for the main body, this gives a beautiful rich tone and precise intonation. The precision silver-plated keywork has been engineered to a high, professional standard, ensuring an expected level of reliability and exact performance. And as expected for an instrument of this standard, it comes supplied in a bespoke case with Crook and a reed. Affordability. Reliability. Great playability. The Sonata Bassoons will positively resonate with both your audience, and your bank balance!