Updated 27th November 2018

Stocking fillers are great for adding variety to your Christmas gifts, the smaller lower cost items allow you to be creative and gift items you know your recipient will use and/or enjoy playing. Below are my top picks for stocking fillers this year…


For the younger member of the family, the below products are great for ages 3+ exploring music. Bright colours, robust and affordable with a range of sounds to accentuate the sensory learning. The reflective tambourine is perfect for letting children be inquisitive and explore new visuals, sound and touch.

A-Star 3 Bell Hand Bell3 bell hand bell

This small but perfectly formed hand bell features 3 well placed bells on a blue handle, great for shaking! Jingle your hand bell to replicate the noise of Santa’s sleigh, you never know he might deliver your presents first. This range of hand bells from A-Star is also available with 5 or 9 wood handled bells. If you would rather have a wrist bell secured to your child’s hand, I’d recommend the plastic wrist bells from A-Star.

A-Star Mini Wave Drumwave-drum

Tap, swirl from side to side and hit with a flat hand will give you variations in tone and sounds. Explore timbre whilst recreating a tranquil sound. With high quality, a good grip and lots of sound, it makes a great stocking filler for this Christmas.

A-Star Maracasmaracas

Bright, traditional, robust and fun for all ages this Christmas. A gift which can get all the family enjoying music. Featuring primary colours and a length of 22cm, this pair of maracas is a stand out percussion instrument. Do you have a smaller musician in the family? The baby maracas from Early Years are suitable for ages 3 months and upward.


The Footswitchguitar-tech-footswitch

The polarity switching system in the sturdily constructed FS1 non-latching footswitch, it is suitable for use with contemporary keyboards, drum machines, guitar amps and home recording equipment. Simply press the pedal for as long as you need it active then release.

guitar strapsGuitar Straps

You can never ever have too many guitar straps. If you have a guitarist within your friends and family, a guitar strap makes a great stocking filler. It will add to their ever-growing range of guitar accessories and will make a present you can rest assured they will use. It’s an essential. Bright, colourful, material, leather or XL. There is a guitar strap to suit everybody all at affordable costs and the essential to securely playing the guitar.


A tuner is something every guitarist needs in order to tune their guitar. Some tuners work better than others, that’s why you’ll find most guitarist have a range of tuners to choose from. I’d recommend the Korg Pitchclip Clip-On Tuner and the Rocket Clip On Tuner.

instrument-cableInstrument Cables

All guitars or electric instruments will require use of an instrument cable to attach their instrument to an amplifier. Therefore, the cables below are handy musical Christmas gifts essential for producing a loud sound. An instrument cable I’d recommend is the Rocket Cable.


instrument-standInstrument Stands

Let your musical friend or family member show off their instrument. It also makes for great impromptu practising a music sessions. See the stands below: Clarinet | Saxophone | Flute | Oboe | Piccolo

recorder packThe Recorder Package

Create a woodwind gift with a recorder of your choice and the recorder from the beginning book. The book takes you through learning new notes, note ranges and play music from the sheet. The recorder I’d recommend from Yamaha is the YR24BUK and from A-Star, I’d recommend the range here.


valve oilValve Oil

This keeps the valves on most brass instruments lubricated and in top condition at all times. An essential for a brass player and they’ll get through quite a lot of valve oil! It’s also amazing how many valve oils they’ll lose (Don’t worry, they’ll find them around the house in a months’ time…). Denis Wick | Vincent Bach | Rocket

care-kitCleaning Kit

These care kits are ideal for ensuring they’ll have everything they need to maintain their brass instrument. The care kits include all the oils, creams and brushes needed, not to mention some include a care kit tracker and pencil.

trombone-slide-kitSlide Kit

A full care kit for the trombone. It Includes everything they’ll need for creating the perfect glide for their slide! The Trombone Cream provides a butter smooth, silent slide action day in and day out. The Pocket Sized Fine Mist Sprayer goes everywhere with them. It will not leak and provides a good water coverage everytime. Superslick's Silicone Plus is a slide additive to be used with Superslick Cream. Just a drop on each stocking enhances cream action and endurance. All round, this is a must have for the Trombone player!



No string player can ever have too much rosin, you run out and that’s it no more playing for you until you get some more! Therefore, Rosin makes for a good stocking filler, each stringed instrument requires different Rosin. Click on the instrument to see which Rosin we’d recommend. Violin | Viola | Cello | Double Bass

rocket tunerTuners

Very similar to rosin, it’s an essential. There’s no point playing a stringed instrument that isn’t in tune, it will sound horrendous! Here’s the tuner I’d recommend. Musical-Gifts Because every Christmas should be filled with love, laughter, music and an awful lot of festive food! Mix this with a karaoke microphone suitable for all ages in a sleek black or sophisticated rose gold. With Bluetooth connectivity, a micro SD card slot and suitable for plugging in some headphones. It’s an all-round singing machine, in my opinion, every family should have.