Present Giving
Updated 17th October 2018


A tuner is a great gift for players of any stringed instrument. You can always appreciate a simple clip-on tuner as they are helpful to have on hand at any given time, even if they already own one, more tuners tend to be better than fewer! Definitely a good low budget gift idea for anyone who plays the guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, violin and just about any other instrument with strings!


Instrument Stands

Selection of Instrument Stands Another item that will be appreciated is an instrument stand. While many people will opt for keeping their instrument in its case, others will want to display their instrument on a stand. This not only makes it look nicer, it means the instrument is always easily accessible. Our high quality Rocket stands are perfect, with the majority being under £20!

Practice Pads

One for the drummers, a practice pad can be helpful for warming up or when practicing improving stick control, speed and independence. Many drummers and percussionists may overlook the idea of buying a practice pad to help with these things, meaning it would make an ideal gift to receive, very practical but something that may not already be owned! practice pads


A very noisy gift but a lot of fun for the right person! The BDJ525 would be great for any aspiring percussionist and is a very versatile instrument when in the right hands! Good for anyone who enjoys percussion instruments, or for someone who is interested in world music! This Djembe is of a high quality and excellent value. It is made of solid wood and has traditional features of beading and rope tuning. Also, this Djembe is created in 5 different sizes! Interested in something slightly bigger? The BDJ630 would be the perfect choice! djembe


If you are looking to buy for a child who wants to take up an instrument, the pBuzz is a perfect gateway into learning the fundamentals and basic techniques of most brass instruments. An excellent choice for children looking to take up an instrument and its lightweight plastic body makes it much easier to hold than a traditional brass instrument! pbuzz