Having earned a reputation for producing good quality, affordable, equipment for live entertainment, KAM have some new products worth seeing. Ideal for DJs, bands, conference work or any live entertainment, these are great options when working with a budget.

Wireless Microphone System

KAM-wireless-microphoneThe Twin Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System is perfect for a simple, affordable, wireless option. Ideal whether you’re singing in a band, need something to host the pub quiz, or are running a school event. The receiver has independent volume controls for each microphone to adjust levels, along with independent LED indicators. An LCD display provides clear frequency and channel information. This pairs well with the display on the microphones which will share the same information. With a 50-metre working range, you have a lot of scope for movement while using this, much better than being bound by a cable! If you need something professional that doesn’t eat into your budget, this system is perfect.

KAM Portable Speakers

If you need a portable, all-in-one solution to any live sound needs, KAM have a couple of great speakers. Including a microphone, built-in mixer, media player and effects, as well as the option to run off a built-in battery! KAM-speakersThese are a buskers dream, offering the chance to play backing tracks with the built-in media player, while putting out a lot of volume. The 12 inch speaker model puts out 800W (peak) where the 10 inch model puts out 550w (peak). Paired with the great battery life on the rechargeable battery, this is ideal for street performers. They even have trolley wheels and a convenient handle for easy transport. Of course, if you’re using this indoors, it is suitable for smaller performances from solo singers or acoustic groups. Or even if you run something like an exercise group – made even better by the addition of a headset microphone with the 12 inch model! If you’re looking for a versatile, affordable, and reliable portable speaker, you can’t go wrong with either of these models.