Trevor James is a manufacturer in the mix with your Yamaha's. An exceptional specialist flute brand, creating models for students, intermediates and professional players. We, here at Normans, provide Trevor James flutes for all abilities. Here's our range below:

beginner-fluteTrevor James TJ10X MKIV Flute

Our entry level Trevor James Flute is the TJ10X MKIV model, with either straight or curved head. This model is a multiple UK Music Industry Award 'Winner' in the Best Woodwind Instrument Category. The ideal first flute for the new flute player or those returning to playing after a few years away. The TJ10X flute is a very free blowing silver-plated instrument which helps the new flute player to learn at a quicker pace. A high quality manufacture and set-up in the Trevor James UK technical workshops.

intermediate-fluteTrevor James Privilege Flute

We've recognised the need for a high-quality, mid-priced upgrade Flute for aspiring and accomplished instrumentalists. The Trevor James Privilege Flute was an obvious choice, and one our customers never regret! This excellent top of the range student Flute gives the new player complete tonal flexibility combined with a high-quality mechanism and set-up. The finish is brilliant! Triple plated silver finish throughout, and with the excellent 925 Silver lip plate and riser. The Privilege is Trevor James’ top of the range student flute which aims to give all players complete tonal flexibility, great responsiveness, and an attractive sound. It’s a free blowing flute which features an offset G and a split E mechanism. Simply, Superb!

cantabile-fluteTrevor James Cantabile Flute

The ideal Intermediate level flute for the established flute player looking to achieve high standards and grades. This excellent Flute adds the precious metal element to their instrument to fully explore the exquisite tonal possibilities. The Trevor James Cantabile Flute utilises the 925 silver headjoint, but with the added improvement of a silver-plated body, footjoint tube and silver-plated French style pointed key arm mechanism. It is supplied with two headjoint crowns (1 x Yellow Pear wood and 1 x heavy silver-plate).

virtuoso-fluteTrevor James Virtuoso Flute

For Flute players who desire and expect the best in instrument quality, we are proud to offer the Trevor James Virtuoso Flute. The stunning 925-silver tube Virtuoso flute is designed for the serious flute player who requires a colourful, deep timbre with a wide tonal range, and professional mechanisms to help the player to achieve their full potential. A model ideal for those upgrading to a professional instrument due to the outstanding features. Trevor James Flutes are a popular, multi-award-winning specialist Flute brand distributed around the world. But most importantly, they are all available here at Normans Musical Instruments.