Looking into Ukuleles for learning can be hard. With such variety out there, looking for a good model to start on is something that can be a bit daunting. The following are a list of some of the best brands to get you started playing the Ukulele.

3rd Avenue Ukuleles

For an incredibly affordable option suitable for beginners of all ages, but ideal for younger players, 3rd Avenue are great. Offering Soprano Ukuleles in 3 colours, Natural, Purple and Black for some variation. 3rd Avenue offer a nylon cover with these instruments to ensure you can keep them stored safely, or transported easily. These Ukuleles are perfect for the beginner who has value for money in mind. Or even for schools who require a class pack without maximising on their music budget. best-ukulele

Rocket Ukuleles

Some of our best-selling models, the Rocket Soprano Ukuleles offer great value and quality. Being very popular in schools and musical education, these are perfect for beginners. Being used by players from as young as 3 up to adult musicians means these are very versatile models. These Rocket models come with a lightly padded gigbag to ensure some safety when transporting your instrument. These models come in a few different colours to add a bit of variation. Aside from the standard Natural model, these also come in Blue, Black, Purple and Red. So you should be able to find a Ukulele that suits your style. red-ukulele

Mahalo Rainbow Series

The Mahalo Rainbow Ukulele range, as the name suggests, come in a massive range of colours. With 10 colours available including Green, Pink, both Dark Blue and Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow and Black. Perfect for anyone looking for a specific colour, or to match to a school colour scheme. These Ukuleles come with a nylon cover which is suitable for basic travel and storage, and are great beginner models, though cost a little more than others in this list. While it's great playing Ukuleles, appearance is the main focus on these Ukuleles, not stopping at the nice colours. These models also have very attractive gold and black tuning pegs. light-blue-ukulele