So, you've decided that the musical path is the right one for you, but you're not sure how to start? First things first; what is the best instrument to learn? There are many things to consider, so let me help.

Will you enjoy it?

This is arguably the most important. If you're quite a shy character, the drums may not be the best instrument to learn. However, if you love to be centre of attention, then go for it! Learn something that interests you and that you've always wished you could play, not matter how hard it is. For example, if you have always watched someone growing up and always dreamed that you could play the electric guitar like them but think it's too hard, try it anyway! They will all be hard to start off with (otherwise everyone would do it), but it will be worth it in the end when you can play finally Eruption by Van Halen. Careless whisper?

Is it suitable?

If you're only small, a full sized cello might not be the best shout. Why not try a 1/2 cello if you're desperate to learn the cello, or have you considered the violin? Age can also be a factor. Children older than 6 can pretty much learn anything. However, under 6 years old you are restricted to what you can physically hold. A piano for example would be perfect. They have nothing to hold so no weight to consider, or height (adjustable stands). There is a visual representation that comes with learning the piano which can help understanding music theory easier. Light up keys might help. If you have short fingers, don't try the piano. If you're short, maybe not the bassoon. If you have braces, maybe swerve the trumpet; ouch!

Make sure you can practice & have lessons

We all know that with practice comes perfection. So, if you don't have room to keep an acoustic drum set or 88 key keyboard, you might need to think of another options. you may want to consider an electric drum for example for practice purposes, which are a lot quieter and take up less room. You need time to practice. You also want to practice. Lessons - maybe have a look around before you buy the instrument and make sure either the school or someone near by does lessons on that instrument. Although it can be done, it's harder to teach yourself from scratch how to play an instrument.

The cost, unfortunately

As much as this is annoying, a brand new £500 saxophone for example could be a lot more than a £2 recorder. You don't want to be splashing the cash if you are not 100% sure you will carry on. Lucky for you, we have a brilliant range that is aimed towards this area. You want to learn the flute but you don't want to break the bank buying a Yamaha flute. This sonata range is great for solving this problem. They have everything you need in a beginner instrument (including case and multiple accessories) whilst being great value for money!

Have you tried it before?

It might be worth letting your child try an instrument before figuring out if you will actually enjoy it. Give us a ring and we can get instruments ready for you to try.


Here are some instruments that we think are great for learning. Click on the images below to find out in more detail, which is the best instrument to learn.