We all have a love for music; either performing, wanting to perform, or merely listening and appreciating.

So, if you’re wondering why the Cornet is the best instrument to learn, let me start off by telling you that learning to play any instrument is great! Learning to read and play music has so many physical and physiological benefits. It is great for your brain, helps reduce stress and so much more. 

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However, let’s talk about the Cornet…

So, why is it so popular?

  • The Cornet has been around for much longer than the Trumpet……and the ice-cream version!
  • It is the mainstay of the Brass Band, and has been expertly played by some of the greats such as Jim Shepherd, Phillip McCann, Maurice Murphy and Alan Morrison.
  • Think ‘Hovis’ advert, the mellow, pristine sound is eponymous with traditional British summer fetes and brass band festivals…what’s not to like?

Good for your fitness

  • One of the benefits of learning the Cornet (and many other woodwind & brass instruments) is the fact it can improve your fitness and health. Bet you didn’t think of that…….and it’ll off-set any over indulgence of Hovis bread!!
  • Playing the Cornet requires your full lung capacity and is one of the most important skills when playing a brass instrument. You need to be able to control your breathing, which requires a strong core. The constant breathing exercise is also like a workout for your lungs and diaphragm.
  • To help with your breathing, it also helps to have good posture. This in turn helps to strengthen your core muscles. It’s not as easy as you think!

It’s a social instrument

  • The Cornet is a popular instrument in the music world, especially Brass Bands, where you could be one of at last 10 cornetists. Being in a band is more than just music. It has a massive social side to it, and can be great fun and a stress relief from everyday life.
  • You’ll be going to rehearsals, gigs, social events, and might even get to travel! Being in a band will also help your teamworking skills, which is very important. You need to be able to listen to other people, and blend in……..just don’t try and beat the trombone section to the bar!!

It’s portable

  • Cornets, thankfully, can be packed up nicely into a small portable case which can be carried around pretty much anywhere. Unlike a Trombone, or Tuba, you can easily stick your Cornet on your shoulder and be on your way to rehearsals, no problem!
  • It’s also quite a light instrument compared to others, and doesn’t require massive strength to be able to carry it or hold it when playing. Great for little arms and beginners!

It won’t break the bank

  • Although Cornets can be expensive, especially when you start advancing onto professional models such as the Besson Sovereign and Prestige, when learning to play the Cornet, it won’t break the bank.
  • For the younger beginners, the amazing pCornet is the star of the show! Unbelievably lightweight, great sounding, and almost unbreakable, I urge all potential Cornet players to get one. Our bestselling traditional brass Cornet, the Montreux Student Bb Cornet is a fraction over £150! It is perfect for beginners, and comes with everything you need to get playing straight away!