Woodwind Instruments for Primary Schools

Fact: Learning a musical instrument develops, stimulates and improves the brain, is proven to enhance all cognitive and sensory functions, and provides the basis for educational and social success and musical fulfilment.

Before we go on, a quick quiz. Question: What did Henry VIII like to collect? (Other than wives.) Answer: Find out here


Henry didn' have the durable and robust plastic moulded versions we see today. Rather, in Tudor times there was many different shapes and sizes of wooden recorders. The old wooden models only had a limited range of notes, so several were needed for each composition. For many generations, the humble recorder has been the ‘go-to’ instrument of choice for Pupils to learn music. Simple to play, portable, no moving parts it's an ideal starting point. Even better, they're very, very, affordable. Let’s start with the recorder that epitomises all of the above key points: The A-Star Descant Recorder. Available in Beige, Purple, Blue, Red, and Brown & White, the A-Star is a fun, plastic, descant recorder. As such it is perfect for beginners in school or at home. With an unbelievably low price, plus a cleaning rod and bag included, you may want to buy a A-Star recorder for all your children! Maybe even your fellow staff members to ‘demonstrate’ the ease and accessibility of music performance. 😉 A-Star is one of the leaders in the market both recorders and percussion. Offering products that are ideal for ensembles, music groups as well as individuals, their high-quality products and extensive range are robust and reliable. They offer discounted class packs! If your pupils are progressing, or require an improved level of recorder, there are many suitable models. For example there is the higher-end instruments by Yamaha and Aulos. We even have the full choral range (Soprano, Treble, Tenor and Bass!) The Yamaha YRS and Aulos 205A range of recorders offer schools and pupils a quality instrument at a very reasonable price, as well as longevity.


The most popular of school woodwind instruments is the Flute. In the past I regularly conducted school bands where the Flutes outnumber all others! With this in mind, the Nuvo TooT is a brilliant, attractive and affordable concept of flute design. While very similar to a fife, there are some key differences. It is these differences that make it such a great bridge instrument allowing the student to move comfortably onto the Flute. Firstly, it has four additional double holes, which make it easier to play chromatic notes. Secondly it comes with both traditional flute lip plate and a ‘FirstNote’ mouthpiece, which is similar to a recorder. This helps the student produce a great tone immediately and learn basic tunes quicker. To ensure easier fingering technique, the TooT also has actual key pads over the holes, making articulation consistent and reliable, therefore boosting their confidence. The natural progression from the Toot, is the Nuvo jFlute. Again, made from a resonant, easy-clean plastic body with a curved head joint, they are extremely lightweight, fun instruments that possess an exceptional playability. As a bonus they sound just like a traditional flute! Finally, is the traditional Silver Flute. A great choice in this category is the Sonata Student Flute. With stunning build quality, lovely tone production i is an obvious choice for students. Furthermore at just over £150 it's an absolute bargain! As an added advantage the Curved Head Sonata Package is also supplied with a straight head. This way, when the player grows, there is no requirement for an expensive upgrade. woodwind flute


Back to Nuvo. Nuvo have designed and manufactured two brilliant Clarinet concepts. The first the DooD. Secondly, the Clarineo. The DooD is an easy-play, easy-clean introduction to single reed instrumentation and performance. With its mellow Clarinet-like sound, it has recorder-like fingering with a simple yet durable key system which helps small fingers to cover the holes. The instrument is in the key of C and is fully chromatic over one octave with extra notes in the second register. The chromatic range is one octave and is designed for smaller hands to make the playing easier from an early age. The Clarineo is great for young students wanting to play the clarinet. It is long-lasting and easily maintained, yet fully functional for playing a large variety of music in Primary School bands & orchestras. Its range extends over three octaves, from E to G and is an excellent addition to any band or music class. It is suitable for children age 7 and above as it requires minimal assembly and maintenance, plus, they come in three wonderful colour design options. For the older and more traditional Primary School pupil, a traditional Clarinet from Sonata. A benchmark quality student Clarinet, recommended by many teachers and perfect for a beginner player, the Sonata B1S is constructed with a lightweight ABS body, providing a responsive tone and consistent projection. The good quality case is fun and lightweight and makes carrying the instrument to and from lessons easy and convenient. The Sonata instruments are made to last, come with all necessary accessories and are popular with students and beginners due to the quality and strength of the pads and keywork. woodwind clarinet


In keeping with our previous ideology and desire for Primary School instrument provision, we provide the Nuvo jSax. As with the other Nuvo instruments, the jSax features a traditional fingering system and will help the student to develop the correct embouchure and tuning skills. These skills can then be applied once the student is ready to move on to a traditional Saxophone. Pitched in C the colourful and durable jSax is perfect for use within a classroom environment. It has a fully chromatic range from C4 to G5 and comes with reeds, case, grease and a fingering chart. For the older Primary School pupil who is ready to upgrade to full size Alto Saxophone, there is the best selling Sonata SAS701 Alto Sax. This Eb Alto Saxophone is made from high quality materials resulting in a robust, well-made instrument. It features gold lacquer on its body and keys, making for a really lovely looking sax. The Sonata instruments are made to last and are popular with students and beginners due to the quality and strength of the pads and keywork. woodwind saxophone So, to conclude: Parents, Teachers, Family members, Primary Schools… Everybody. Your Children need Music. Learning a musical instrument will develop their cognitive skills and give them a great sense of achievement, happiness and fulfilment. So, before it’s too late, encourage them to start learning a woodwind instrument, because you know what will happen if you don’t... I want to play drums.* *(Which is actually okay because we have a great Rocket Drum Kits as well.)