WORK EXPERIENCEHello, my name is Megan and I currently play the piano and the flute. Once I’ve left school, I would like to further my knowledge by doing a degree in music. This past week, I spent my work experience week at Normans. I wanted to do my placement there because I’m interested in pursuing a career in music, and was curious about the business side of the music industry. I have thoroughly enjoyed the week and will tell you all about it! Telephone


Nervous, but looking forward to the week I made my way into the store front. I was shown into the kitchen and greeted by Shona, whom I’d be spending my week with. First thing, I had a tour of the workplace and a health and safety briefing. Later I was starting a category tree (checking the links on the website and seeing if there was anything missing) and coming up with blog ideas. In the afternoon, I was phoning up suppliers to check stock, and I edited a blog to upload with Shona. My first day was a success! Computer


My morning at Normans consisted of creating the Valentine’s Day banner and pictures for the website. To do this, Shona helped me use Photoshop. I found it complicated at first, but once we did a few pictures I managed to navigate the program with occasionally asking for support. Afterwards, I was replying to customer reviews and emails. After lunch, I rang up suppliers and was asking them if they had an instrument in stock. I was a worried that they’d ask me something I’d have no clue about, but the calls were simple and straightforward. In the afternoon, I began to write a blog about learning to play the piano and I was testing instruments that had been sent back. I really enjoyed trialing the instruments. Music shop


I started the day with helping Shona to upload a YouTube video: How to Build the Rocket Keyboard Stand. I then created a prize draw sheet and a flyer on publisher. Straight after that I concentrated on finishing my piano blog. I spent the late afternoon completing my piano blog and talking to the customers in the shop. The day ended with me helping to lock the shop up. Camera


I came in a few minutes earlier on Thursday, as I was helping with the company’s photo day. Each team (the Support Team, E-Commerce Team, and Sales and Marketing Team) had a group photograph. Once this ended I spent the rest of my morning on excel working through a spreadsheet to find customer orders. The late afternoon involved me developing this blog and finalising the piano blog. playing piano


I would describe my week at Normans as productive, informative and enjoyable. My aim for the week was to improve my communication skills, by talking to customers (as well as ringing up suppliers). I can clearly say that I’ve improved. I am very thankful to the team for having me, especially to Shona who gave me tasks and supported me throughout the week. Without a doubt, I would recommend going to Normans as a work experience placement for anyone who is interested in music, as you get to see the business aspect of music and it is an engaging company.