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Playing a Venova

So What is the Venova!?

The Venova is an exciting new wind instrument from Yamaha. It’s designed to offer the expressiveness of a single reed instrument such as a clarinet or saxophone, with the simplicity of a recorder-like fingering system. Venova’s saxophone-like mouthpiece delivers an impressive range from powerful notes to soft melodies.
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As well as being compact, it is capable of playing in a range of 2 octaves. This enables you to play a variety of different musical styles and come up with more ideas for pieces. Also, by being pitched in C there’s no need to worry about transposing to play with the guitar, ukulele or piano/keyboards. The sax-like mouthpiece delivers a beautiful, expressive range, allowing you to play powerful notes as well as soft melodies. With this in mind, the Venova might be Yamaha’s woodwind equivalent to the ukulele. Like the ukulele, it's compact, sturdy and affordable enough to take just about anywhere you want to make music.

Branched Pipe Technology

Of course, the design of the Venova is really quite ingenious. You can see that great thought and precision has been taken into making it. Especially considering all the features packed into such a compact instrument. By using Yamaha's ‘branched pipe technology’, the length of a soprano saxophone has been vastly reduced and a series of curves added. In fact, these small but mighty changes in a never-before-seen design influences pitch and performance. Another thought out feature is the distance between the tone holes and pads on the Venova has been reduced. Thus creating a unique shape for a functional instrument. On top of being functional, the Venova is an ideal starting point in the woodwind world. Therefore, can later be used as a stepping stone to the saxophone or clarinet. Yamaha offers a free downloadable guide to playing and looking after the Venova, as well as an owner's manual; complete with tips on getting started with the instrument, troubleshooting and a few tunes for you to learn to play. Included in the Venova pack: mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, ligature, a synthetic reed and cleaning swab, plus a convenient carry case. All things considered, this is simply a genius new take on woodwind instruments. To get your hands on one of these revolutionary instruments, you can find one here at Normans! However if you're thinking of giving a saxophone or clarinet another whirl, we have a great selection of those too. Nuvo jSax in White with Blue Trim

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