Yamaha PSRE360 | Designed for Music Education

New for 2019, Yamaha continue to deliver exceptional quality instruments for those aspiring keyboard players. The PSRE360 has everything a beginner needs to get started in their musical journey.

The Basics

Designed for music students who are looking for either a first instrument, or want something a bit more ‘semi-permanent’ to get through those first few exams, the PSRE360 ticks both those boxes. Like most beginner keyboards, it starts you off with 61 notes, which have that all important touch sensitivity. (Play soft = Quiet sound. Play hard = Loud sound) This is perfect for more expressive playing, and makes you a much more professional musician! keyboard-headphonesAs with all Yamaha keyboards, the sound is one of the most important aspects. The PSRE360 is no exception, with 384 high quality voices, from guitars and trumpets to brass bands and string quartets! It also includes 130 backing accompaniments, so you can play along with a full orchestra or rock band! Once you’ve got home from your piano lesson, use the on-board recording function to log your progress. This can be played back and played over, so you can constantly improve your playing skills and hear it for yourself! Not having lessons? In that case, you can use the Yamaha Education Suite to learn and play along with all the built-in demo songs. With a range of different lesson modes, you can find the most suitable and learn at your own speed. With the keyboard having its own AUX port, you can connect an MP3 and play along with your favourite tracks. This really is a keyboard which has everything a new starter needs and wants! AUX-keyboard

Why is this different to other Yamaha PSR models?

Different to other keyboards, the PSRE360 comes in two different finishes. Dependant on your own personal preference, and where it will be sitting in your house, you can choose between the Dark Walnut or Maple designs. Yamaha-keyboards As well as that, you can also power the keyboard with 6 x AA batteries! This gives you a lot more places where music can be played, so you can practice on the go no matter where you are!

If you want to come and see for yourself how the PSRE360 can benefit you, get in touch with us and arrange to have a test play!