Inspired Beginners

Interested in learning the flute but not a clue where to start looking? Stop right here! This Trevor James TJ5X Student Flute is perfect for beginners and a great price for what you get. As well as being a great student model, this flute will also take you up into the grades, slightly higher than a typical student model would. If you are looking for a trust worthy flute that will stand the test of time, without splashing the cash on something expensive, this is a great alternative.

Parents with Musical Children

Being a parent can be expensive and we want to help. If your child is interested in playing the flute, or would like to upgrade from a student model without going over board, this flute would be a great option. It is perfect for students or the inspiring musician, and is all-in-all, great value for money. It’s even better with our AIPS scheme. Simply order through the school and make your purchase, exclusive of VAT. If you would like to learn more about this, please feel free to read more about it here.

Advancing Players with a Budget

So, you’ve been playing for a while and want an upgrade, but do not want to go wild with the price, then this Trevor James Student Flute is perfect. It is slightly better than a typical student model and is great for straddling the gap between a student and intermediate model, whilst still being affordable. advanced-players-with-a-budget Despite the affordable price, this flute is actually very high in quality. Ignore ‘the more expensive the product the better quality it is’. Why not have the best of both worlds? It features quality keys, construction and pads with airtight seals. The silver-plated finish will keep this flute long-lasting and robust. It also creates a lovely, warm tone.

Popular with Schools and Music Services

This model of flute is popular with schools, students and educational services for many reasons. It’s simply great value for money. For that small increase in price, you will receive a flute that will last longer with students and take them way up into their grades. You won’t need to upgrade to another flute for a while. Trevor James work to ensure that every flute is to the highest standard and is quality checked by Trevor James themselves, and also UK technicians to ensure that you receive the best flute you can.

I Rest My Case

To conclude this blog, I will also mention that this flute comes with a protective and hard-wearing case. As you can see, the hard case has a very stylish purple fitted interior which is going to help protect your flute at all costs and prevent any scratches. Also included is a carry case which makes those long journeys to and from school or band practice, that little easier. flute-case