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Normans Musical Instrument Repairs.

Normans has a full time musical instrument repair team based in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire offering a range of repair services with a turnaround time of approximately 3-5 working days. Our aim is to provide you with complete customer satisfaction. We will consult you before any work is undertaken to advise you of the work required and the total cost. If the information you require is not below, please call our repairs department on 01283 535333

Woodwind Repairs and Servicing

We repair and service clarinets, flutes, piccolos, saxophones, oboes and bassoons. 

General Playing order: For instruments in need of slight adjustment to bring them back to full working order, for example regulation between keys that are slightly out. Minor leaks or replacing missing/damaged cork. Replacing Pads and re-corking tenons will be charged extra. This is usually only suitable for instruments under 18 months old or in between services.

General Service: Recommended every 12-18 months to keep your instrument in good playing order. All the keys are removed from the instrument allowing it to be thoroughly cleaned. Any worn cork/felt pieces and springs are replaced. During reassembly the pads are re-seated and replaced as required (up to two new pads are included in the price), the key work is lubricated and fully regulated.

Complete Re-Pad: This is for instruments that are too far worn that they require a greater amount of work than a service would offer. In addition to the work done during a service, all the pads and cork/felt pieces are replaced (including any tenon corks) and small dents removed.

Dent removal: POA

Wood crack repair: POA

Tenon cork £6 per tenon, £18 for all four clarinet tenons

Saxophone crook cork £9

Flute head joint cork £10

New spring between £6 - 12

Additional pads with a service: skin pads £3, cork pads £5, and leather pads £3-6 (depending on size the and instrument)

Instrument Playing Order  Service 
Clarinet 30 60
Flute 30 60
Piccolo 30  66 
Soprano/Alto Sax  36  84 
Tenor/Baritone 36  90 
Oboe  45  105 
Bassoon  57  120 


 90 (skin) 105 (cork)
 105 (skin) 120 (cork)
 150 (skin) 165 (cork)

Other Woodwind

We also offer repairs for less common woodwind instruments such as oboes and bassoons. Please contact our repairs department for further information and estimated prices. 

Brass Repairs and Servicing

Common Brass Repairs

 We offer a wide range of brass repairs including: stuck slides and mouthpieces, trombone slide repairs, dent removal, valve lapping, plating and re-lacquering. Prices vary, please call for an estimate. 

General Service

This is the most common brass repair we do and seen to be one of the most vital to keep your instrument ingood playing order. This includes a complete strip down of the instrument. While the instrument is apart we give all our instruments a thorough clean. We then reassemble the instrument oiling and greasing each individual part as it is replaced on the instrument. Felts and springs are replaced as necessary and water key corks are replaced. 

Full Overhaul and Restoration

Instrument that usually require an overhaul are instruments that have been in storage for a long period of time. Requiring detailed work in order to restore the instrument to its original condition when new. Cosmetic condition of the instrument can also be restored. Please call our repairs department for an estimate. 


Re-stringing and Repairs

Repairs are also available on string instruments so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. Guitar re-stringing is available from £5.00 and violin re-stringing from £7.00 (strings extra). 

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