The flute is a beautiful sounding instrument that is a woodwind instrument. Most woodwind instruments include reeds but the flute is different. It is known as a reedless wind instrument as it produces its sound when you blow across the opening and then the flow of air creates the sound. It is played by being held sideways holding the flute with both hands and blowing across the hole. With the pitch being created by using your fingers to open and close the keys.

Flutes are one of the earliest known instruments, with flutes dating back to about 43,000 years ago.

The main 3 types of flute are the standard, piccolo and harmony flutes. I’m going to talk you through these flutes and the features of them.


Standard Flute


Standard flutes are available for all levels and abilities. This makes them a great instrument to learn. You can purchase Sonata and Nuova flutes at great prices. Along with great Yamaha packages available as well.

Standard flute is about 2 feet long and made of silver, gold or platinum. When played in an orchestra the flute usually plays the melody.



The Piccolo


The piccolo is a lot smaller in length compared to the flute. Did you know that piccolo means small in Italian? The piccolo plays very high notes which are actually the highest in the woodwind family.

The finger positions are very similar to the standard flute but the sound is an octave higher.

This type of instrument like the flute is suitable for all levels and abilities. With different types of piccolo available that would be suitable for your ability level.



The Plastic Flute


The plastic flute is great and allows younger children to get involved and learn this great instrument. It’s suitable for all levels; although most commonly used for beginners due to its “first note” mouthpiece. This allows the player to get a good sound when they first play.

The interchangeable parts means the instrument can be used at different levels- from beginner to advanced. Meaning it’s adaptable and can last a bit longer as the player improves.

They are available in lots of great bright colours. It’s lightweight, durable and easy to keep clean.


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  • Andrea 14/09/2016 at 10:21 am

    Hi wondering if anyone could help me decide which flute is best, Am having trouble deciding between a Yamaha 211 & 211sii? Am watching 2 on eBay (ending soon!) the 211 is about 10 yr old & 211sii was bought new 4 yrs ago after her daughters teacher recommended it? She said before then she’d been playing a 211 for 2 yrs! There both in great condition about £200 “just want to know for sure which is the better model??? Thanks -Andrea