METALLOPHONE – [muh-tal-uh-fohn]


1. Any musical instrument which consists of tuned metal bars, struck with a hammer, such as the glockenspiel.

2. Any musical instrument consisting of a graduated series of metal bars that may either be struck by hammers operated manually or played with a keyboard.

If the above wasn’t clear enough, let us tell you: Metallophone is a broad term! It covers everything from Tiny Tabletop Sized pieces of kit, up to Bass Sized Beauties and even slightly industrial Outdoor Pieces of Percussion.

By encompassing such a large range it’s easy to see why Metallophones are such a hit on the school scene. There really is one for any occasion.

For the smallest of hands.

At the ‘beginning’ of the Metallophone range, we have small sized, 8 key instruments. These are perfect for early years, music groups or classroom learning. Two of our most popular models are the A-Star Metallophone in Red and the Stagg Curved Metallophone.

red-metallophoneA-Star Metallophone
  • Robust and Cost effective
  • 8 note range C – C
  • Large red notebars
  • Size: 15.9 x 8.5” / 40.5 x 21.5 cm


Stagg Curved Metallophone
  • Slot to hold beater
  • 8 note range C – C
  • Coloured notebars to help learning
  • Size: 15 x 5.3” / 38 x 13.5 cm

Soprano, Alto, Bass

Obviously, you think the above is cute. You love them. They’re just not what you need. What you’re after is musical depth. A complex rich sound that will really help your students get to grips with multiple musical parts and the different roles of different pitches. The fact that it will only improve your schools orchestra is a just a small (major) bonus.

For this, you need the A-Star Diatonic and Chromatic instruments. This range of metallophones offer a superb quality with impeccable tuning and even extras like, storage to hold extra bars.

At the top of this category you have the MET13S and MET06S Soprano Metallophones. When paired together you have a full chromatic scale which allows the player to access to a wide range of music.


  • 16 bars
  • Diatonic half only
  • 2 x F# and 1 x Bb notes
  • Supplied with beaters
  • Storage space for extra bars


  • 9 bars
  • Supplied with a pair of beaters
  • Chromatic half only
  • Team up with MET13S for a full scale

Up from this we have the MET13A and MET06A Altos. These are perfect for melody lines. With high accuracy tuning on each note, you can be sure this will be an asset to learning.



  • 16 bars
  • Diatonic half only
  • 2 x F# and 1 x Bb notes
  • Storage space for extra bars


  • 6 bars
  • Supplied with a pair of beaters
  • Chromatic half only
  • Team up with MET13A for a full scal

Finally, we’re at the heavy duty end of pitch: The Bass Metallophones. The MET13B and MET06B offer a perfect addition to school percussion collections and are great in percussion workshops.


  • 16 Bars
  • 2 x F# and 1 x Bb notes
  • Storage space for extra bars



  • Supplied with beaters
  • Use with MET13B for full scale instrument


A Rainbow Of Music…

Outdoor percussion is a great way to help children learn that music is fun. It might be as it also gets all their ‘loudness’ out on the playground so they are calm and collected in the classroom? Maybe…

Be that as it may, this colourful metallophone is sure to brighten up any playground or outdoor area with vibrant, musical sounds! The notes represent colours of the rainbow and are attached to black resonators.

If you want to make this piece of kit a little more academic, you also have the option of adding the Music Book and Stand that goes with this instrument. This will help children master their music reading skills while having a great time.

As an added bonus the beaters are attached to the Metallophone itself. That should help prevent them from wandering off 😉

About the author

Heidi worked for a number of years at Normans Musical Instruments, progressing from a Saturday Sales Assistant to a full time Brass Specialist within our Sales Team. Heidi has now left Normans and we wish her all the best for her future endeavors.