Post by Jack Patrick

Normans has a great reputation for providing Student level instruments to educational institutions across the country and even internationally. What may surprise you is that Normans also keep stock of high spec professional level instruments for more advanced players. So go on, treat yourself this Christmas...

Obviously the size of the guitar would depend on the size of the person that wishes to play, but as a guideline I would say a ¼ size guitar for a 4-7 year old, half size 7-10 and then the ¾ for 10-13. We also sell the Acoustic Guitar in ¾ size and full size and would recommend the same ages as a guide as the classical guitar.

Sometimes it’s hard to buy for the musician who has everything. Luckily most of our instruments have parts with limited lifespan, which mean that there’s always something to buy. Here’s some ideas below..

Like many brands, Forenza is oft remembered for a particular series or instrument – in Forenza’s case, their ‘Prima’ student range, which offers fantastic value for money and has been very popular with schools and students as a result. It’s easy to overlook their other series because of their successful student market, however, enter the Secondo Series.......

A blog article as to why YOU should chose which instrument you wish to learn. There are many, many factors and reasons why people would want you to play or many reasons why you would prefer to play something else. Hopefully this will be able to answer some of your questions.

A short how-to video on how to apply rosin to a violin bow. Many players have different ways, techniques and little quirks which they like to do for optimum effect. We hope that you find this tutorial helps. We have used Forenza Violin Rosin here which is available from Normans Musical Instruments.

If you have just purchased a ukulele and need to know how to tune it – carry on reading. Different ukuleles can hold their tune better than others, but every uke player will need to learn how to do this.