The Aulos recorders philosophy is that quality does matter. Getting off on the right foot can sometimes mean the difference between a child enjoying and excelling or being frustrated and thus uninterested.

Aulos have over 50 years of producing recorders. They are made using an almost indestructible ABS plastic. The Aulos collection offers musicians of all ages and abilities the following major features;

  • Superb voicing
  • Patended double joint permits smooth joining with no air leaks
  • Constructed of strong, high-class ABS resin
  • Excellent intonation throughout full range of instrument

Descant Recorders

The Aulos 303N Descant recorder is by far one their most popular and affordable recorder. It has a wonderful, warm tone and distinctive, all-brown design. Complete with thumb rest, carrying case, cleaning rod and fingering chart, they are perfect for education and individual use.

The Aulos 205A; The best-selling quality recorder in the world!! Who knew? We did!! A great recorder to use within the classroom for both ensemble and solo playing. Dark brown with ivory-coloured mouthpiece, ring, and foot. This recorder has an excellent response with strong, full sound throughout the register. Again, it comes with a carry case and cleaning rod.

Tenor Recorder

Aulos 511B Tenor Recorder - Brown and White. The 500 series is more faithful to historic designs and provides players with an inexpensive instrument of highly uniform quality, good intonation and response. This Tenor recorder in c with c'/c#' double keys is a free blowing instrument and is ideal for ensemble or solo work. The recorder has a detachable thumb rest to make holding the instrument comfortable for the player and comes in a simulated leather bag. The recorder is supplied with a cleaning rod and fingering chart.

So, there you have it.

Aulos have been making recorders for many decades, and their knowledge and precision is renowned, so much in fact, that all other makes are based on their design and manufacture! Aulos. Amazing!