Here at Normans, the Rocket US10R is our biggest selling Soprano Ukulele for 5+ years and we want you to understand a little more as to why, because there must be a reason!

Physical Attraction purple-rocket-ukulele

The US10R comes in 5 striking finishes. There’s one for the eccentric member of the family in Bright Red or the quietly confident might fancy a subtle Natural finish. Alongside that there is Dark Blue, Black and Purple. First impressions count for a lot and the US10R certainly impresses!


The US10R possesses quality geared tuning heads, a big plus for a range of customers when buying a stringed instrument. The new beginner – they won’t have to be frustrated with tuning their ukulele every time they want to play. Teachers – you’ve got a set of Uke’s (once the strings are settled) that will require minimal adjustment with 30 eager students. child-playing-ukulele

The Size

As we know Ukuleles are on the smaller side when it comes to instruments. Ideal for storage in schools, whether that be store room, wall hanger or in tubs. At home, they are discreet enough to red-ukulele-and-bagkeep in any room. In terms of playability their size is a bonus for musical beginners; they aren’t as bulky as trying to get to grips with a guitar early on!

The Bag

We reckon the US10R has the best accompanying bag of the Uke’s in its price range. Branded, durable with zip pocket and shoulder strap, it's ideal for keeping your instrument safe when moving around or storing your classroom set.

The Price

When buying any instrument, its always hard to quantify quality against what you are spending. When there is a range of Ukuleles that are £5-6 apart in price, what is the difference and are you paying for a certain brand? The Rocket US10R combines both a leading brand in education and quality features. Also, the popularity of the model speaks for itself, with 1000s being used daily, you are guaranteed a quality Ukulele that will fit the bill!