Rocket Music Stands
All Bands, Orchestras and Musical groups require music stands, (unless they are marching!) Welcome to the stellar universe of Rocket Music Stands. They are essential in the making of music, allowing you to securely see your music and the conductor. Trombonists; that’s the person at the front waving a stick who is following you!! Here at Normans Musical Instruments we are proud to offer the brilliant Rocket range of Music Stands. A brand that is built to last. Unlike many, that after a few concerts and rehearsals you find a screw thread failing or bits dropping off! These Rockets will reliably resist the strongest of asteroid field impacts (which is the same as school children or brass players!). In this article I will take you through the different Rocket Music Stands we offer here at Normans. I can guarantee they will provide you with the quality and performance you desire. When looking to purchase Music Stands for your Band or Orchestra there are 3 key things to consider.
  1. Budget
  2. Reliability/robustness
  3. Storage
All musicians and music teachers can remember those first, early primary school days of school ensembles. The flimsy, easily damaged music stands with the ‘bendy’ arms that warped when trying to fold them up! On a plus side, they did the job, were very cheap, and you could store a load of them easily in one box. Well, they are still available, but I hasten to add that Rocket have much improved the quality and reliability.

Rocket MS03BK/MS04BK

An excellent value-for-money, all-adjustable offering from Rocket. These music stands are perfect for practising at home and for musical groups where storage is important. The sturdy tripod base with rubber feet and music extension bars ensure a non-slip performance. The MS04BK Heavy Duty version has enhanced tubing and extends to a higher 125cm. These very popular stands fold down extremely well and are all neatly stored in their own durable nylon bag.

Rocket MS05BK Orchestral Music Stand

In my opinion, the best value-for-money Music Stand on the market. If the budget & reliability consideration is your focus, I guarantee, this is the stand for you. This high-quality music stand is extremely sturdy and stable. Its tubular steel construction incorporates ABS leg housing and connector clamps ensuring superb stability and support for your music. It features a metal sheet rest with attractive hole design which greatly reduces the weight. The stand is easy to assemble and has a strong tripod base with folding legs so can easily be stored or transported when not in use. It even has an optional Stand Bag for bespoke, comfortable transportation! The height is adjustable between 70-110cm. A fantastic versatile stand suitable for lessons, practice at home, bands and orchestras. Your wish has been granted!

Rocket Attachable Music Stand

Offering a great versatility, you can attach this to a microphone stand and use for holding lyrics. You could even attach it to a lighting stand or even another music stand to give you an extra space for music sheets etc. The music rest is a heavy-duty music table with an adjustable clamp arm and featuring weight-reducing perforations. The attachable holder arm can be adjusted to an angle to suit and it features a simple clamp and lock screw mechanism which fits quickly and easily to the stand (clamp diameter 14-35mm). Great for on stage, at school or in the studio. Conclusion: Rocket Music Stands will without doubt provide you with a reliable and affordable solution for your sheet music. Simple in their design, but ‘out of this world’ in their performance!