Trumpets are one of the most popular beginner instruments for budding brass players. A frequent question from beginners (or their parents) is which make and model is best for them? There are plenty of options and the choice can be overwhelming. As such, here are the top 3 trumpets we recommend at Normans.


Trumpet Specifications

While comparing these top 3, we have 4 key criteria:

  • Build Quality - How robust is the instrument?
  • Valve Action - How smooth are the valves?
  • Tone Quality - How good is the sound?
  • Value for Money - Well, that's really up to you

The pTrumpet

After bursting onto the brass scene in 2014 we don't feel it's too soon to say this is an instrument that will stand the test of time. These trumpets are super light (only 500g!), making them perfect for younger beginner players. This lightweight model might mislead some into thinking this is a poorly built instrument but it is not so. In regards to how robust this instrument is... well, just watch the video below:

In regards to valve action, the pTrumpet is slightly less glowing. Due to it's all plastic design, the use of valve oil (usually used to lubricate your valves,) is a big no-no. As such, some report that the valves are not as free moving as they like. This is not to say the valves are bad, just not the very best available. HOWEVER, these plastic instruments are smart. The more you play your pTrumpet the more the valves will wear down, right up to the point that they flow perfectly. Persistence is key! Tone wise, you are getting a great sound for any hard working beginner. While plastic and brass resonate differently and brass is (usually) better, the ability of the player will have a bigger affect on the sound, rather than the instrument - especially at a student level. All in all, the pTrumpet offers exceptional value for money at a little over £100. On top of this is a very low maintenance instrument, saving you money on accessories like valve oil etc.

Montreux Student Bb Trumpet

Montreux are known for their very solid builds, with a reputation for being 'robust'. Although, after the demonstration above, if you drop it on its bell, it will sustain damage. However, the tensile strength is undeniably higher. As a brass trumpet, we once again have the option of valve oil with the Montreux. As such, you will have smoother action and better response from the get-go, although with this, comes the trade off of increased maintenance.

Following on from the pTrumpet in regards to the tone, we are looking at the potential for a better tone from the Montreux Student model due to its metal build and improved resonance. However, it comes down to the player. When you take into account the build quality and potential this instrument has in regard to its tone, it is a sound choice for any beginner. As an added bonus it is also supplied with a substantiate case that balances weight and protection. This results in a case that is both strong and easy to carry thanks to the addition of backpack style straps.

Montreux Concert Series Bb Trumpet

A true sight to behold and to hear! Utilising the finest resonating gold brass alloy, nickel silver 1st and 3rd valve slide sections and bright, pristine lacquer finish, the Montreux Concert Series Bb Trumpet is aimed at the improving, dedicated trumpet player who is looking for the next step in their trumpet playing career. The medium-large 11.66mm bore and 123mm bell, produces a deep, wide and imposing tone and projection that audiences will fully appreciate, as well as naturally assisting the player. This premium Bb Trumpet is supplied with a prestige 7C mouthpiece and cleaning cloth, and all beautifully protected in a solid deluxe case with accessory pocket and optional shoulder strap or back straps for comfortable transportation.

So which one should you choose?

All of the trumpets above are ideal for beginners, so any of these models would be a good beginner instrument. That being said, the Montreux Concert Series certainly came out on top for us. In all, you really need to think about your own commitment and what budget you are most happy with. With this information you are in a better position to look for the best instrument, for you, within budget.