It is common for young children to develop an interest in music early on in life. Getting your child interested in music can be easy if you make it fun and motivating for them from the start. You don’t want to give them something too complicated, so here are a few musical instruments for children to give you ideas to start them off.


10. pBone Plastic Trombone and pBone Mini Trombone


These affordable trombones are great for those who are interested in brass instruments. They are light, colorful, robust and easy to take care of which is appealing to both parents and kids! Pitched in Eb (mini) and Bb, these instruments are perfect for all sizes.

9. Small Hands Percussion Pack


This pack includes a wide variety of percussion which is perfect for younger players. Introducing them to some interesting sounds while being able to provide younger players with new ways to learn rhythm. This is perfect for any younger budding musician!

8. 5 Piece Junior Drum Kitjunior-drum-kit

This scaled down drum kit is a great start for budding drummers who aren’t quite big enough to benefit from a full size kit yet. It is designed to withstand hours of playing and intended for children up to the age of 10.

7. Ocarina

Although very small, the ocarina is great for learning different finger patterns and techniques that you don’t usually get on most starter instruments. They vary from 4 to 12 holes depending on your age, experience and what style of sound you are after.

6. 1/2 Size Classical Guitar

Recommended for children between 5 – 8 years old, this is the starter instrument recommended by teachers for students wishing to learn any kind of guitar. The nylon strings are perfect for younger children, especially if they haven’t any experience on stringed instruments. It is sensitive on the hands and adaptable to all kinds of playing styles.

5. Wak-a-tubeswak-a-tubes

Wak-a-tubes are fun, colourful and easy to play. By striking a flat surface with the tuned percussion tubes you can have hours of entertainment. They are motivating and easy to play songs and games with. You can also get music books especially for them as well as different scales to add to the collection!

4. Casio 32 Note Mini Key Keyboardmini-keyboard

The mini keyboards are full of fun effects and voices to get the creative mind flowing. It is scaled down version of a keyboard and a great introduction into learning. It is great for the smaller hands that are budding to learn!

3. 8 Note Chime Bar Set


Chime bars are a great way to understand musical notes and simple scales from a young age. They are easy to play and help embrace the learning experience you will need along the journey.

2. Ukulele

For younger children especially, the ukulele is a great string instrument to start on. Its easy chords, small body and fun melodies are a great way to encourage your child to move onto more string instruments along the line. You can get ukuleles in all different shapes, sizes and colours to appeal to all audiences!

1. Recorder


Nearly everyone has had a go at learning the recorder during school. This is because it can be seen as your access instrument into the woodwind world. The fingering pattern and scales are exactly the same to those on the flute and clarinet. It is a great instrument to unleash your talents from an early age.