Woodwind Instruments for Secondary Education

Woodwind Instruments for Secondary Schools...

Going into year 11 myself, I’ve had a lot of experience with woodwind instruments from school. I understand that buying instruments for a school environment can be difficult, as a lot of the time they are on display and are used frequently in concerts, lessons or school bands. Here is a guide on the most suitable woodwind instruments for secondary schools.


When buying woodwind instruments for secondary schools, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, how long will it last? The ideal student flute should last until around grade 5, however when looked after properly it can exceed this. In this case, you will need need a flute with a good headjoint, this will enhance the quality of sound produced. The student flutes I recommend are: FLE701 – A budget-friendly beginners flute, perfect to introduce new flautists. 31PF-EASLR – a great beginner flute, ideal for school bands. YFL212 – Suitable for performance and exams. 31CF-EA – More of an intermediate flute, ideal for GCSE music. YFL312 – A premium intermediate flute, perfect for senior players.


At Normans we have a wide variety of clarinets that are perfect for the classroom and on stage, catering for all budgets. My recommendations are: YCL255S – Long lasting instrument, comes with a sturdy case, mouthpiece and more. YCL450 – Intermediate clarinet, ideal for GCSE music students. B1S – Perfect beginners clarinet, has an adjustable thumb rest.

Alto Sax

Saxophones can make a beautiful sound and stand out in school bands, that’s why it is important to buy a high-quality sax. I suggest these ones below: SAS701 – Affordable, ideal for beginners, comes with cleaning equipment. YAS280 – Premium beginner sax, has a gold lacquer finish. 371A – Suitable for younger, smaller players, affordable.

Bassoon and Oboes

They may not be as well known, but bassoons and oboes play a vital part in any school band. I would advise you to look at these below: WS5010-2-0GB - Ideal for beginners, has a rich tone. WS5016-2-0 - Perfect for intermediate players, has 25 keys including the D key. SOB701 - Suitable for beginners, affordable, lightweight design. BC4131-2-0 - Perfect for intermediate students, keywork is precise and reliable.

Special Mention – Cor Anglais

The Cor Anglais would be the perfect addition to your school band, as it is another member of the double reed family and can even be used as a harmony instrument.


As well as woodwind instruments for secondary schools, we also sell a wide range of accessories. Here are some that I think you would highly benefit from. Reeds - Needed for clarinets, oboes, bassoons, and saxophones. Instrument Stands - Essential if members of the band play multiple instruments. Music Carriers - Perfect for organising sheet music. Music Stands - They are needed to rest music upon.

Although it can be hard to choose woodwind instruments for secondary schools, I hope that this post gave you an insight on suitable instruments. If you would like any further information, do not hesitate to contact us on 01283 535333 or email us at sales@normans.com.