Woodwind Player Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for Woodwind Players

Whether you are looking for a Birthday or Christmas gift, or just a present to give to a loved one with a musical mind, this handy gift guide should give you some great ideas for woodwind gifts small or large! Remember, if you need any advice, comment below or get in touch with our friendly sales team who will be happy to help.


IMG_1938 Reeds are an essential item for the majority of woodwind players (with the exception of flautists!) and would make a great stocking filler for a musician! We stock reeds by Rico and Vandoren, as well as a selection of double reeds, and the key thing is to ensure you purchase the right strength/size for the player. This might be a little tricky if you are not sure which reeds they prefer, however, we do have a helpful guide which can be found here.


160707-004-62D45F89 Nearly all of the Clarinets and Saxophones we stock here at Normans come complete with a mouthpiece and ligature, but often when a musician gets to a certain level they will look to upgrade their mouthpiece to something more advanced. We stock a variety of Student and Advanced mouthpieces for Clarinet and Sax, including favourites from Selmer and Vandoren. To complete the gift, a new ligature and cap would go well with a new mouthpiece, and you can choose from our selection here.

Instrument Cases

pict44 No matter what woodwind instrument a musician owns, they will always need a sturdy and protective case for their precious instrument. Here at Normans we stock a range of brands, including Chord, Stagg, and most recently the brand new range of gig bags from Tom and Will, which come a selection of fun, bright colours! You can view our full selection of woodwind cases here.

Other Small Instruments

acoustic-guitar-strings-harmonica-2560x1600 Small musical instruments always make fun, novelty gifts for a musician. The Nuvo range of plastic woodwind are particularly great for musicians of all ages, and the DooD, TooT, and jSax from the range are a fun way to introduce woodwind to younger players. Harmonicas and recorders also make excellent small gifts to add to any woodwind player’s collection of musical possessions.

Maintenance Accessories

Clcare30 Keeping your instrument in top condition at all times is a priority for every musician, so the right maintenance accessories will always be useful! At Normans we stock a wide variety of care accessories including bore oils, cork greases, pad savers, pull-throughs and more! We also have a good selection of care kits that have everything a woodwind player needs; available for Clarinet, Flute and Saxophone.

Music and Instrument Stands

Something that should be in every musician’s arsenal is a music stand. Vital for being able to read your sheet music comfortably while practising or performing, a good music stand will always be a welcome gift for any musician. Here at Normans we have a range of stands from fully collapsible stands to heavy duty and orchestral style options. Stocking brands including, Rocket, Stagg, RAT, K&M, and Manhasset there is something for everyone! 31vDTrHAMWL An instrument stand is another extremely handy accessory, as it keeps the instrument safe when you need to pop it down whilst practising or performing. We offer a wide range of woodwind stands from brands such as K&M, Hercules and Stagg that are robust, lightweight and very portable, so great for all musicians whether they are just practising at home or out performing regularly.

Metronomes and Tuners

Finally, a metronome and a tuner would make excellent gifts for any musician, but in particular would be fantastic for a student who may be working towards an exam. The metronome will help them ensure they are staying in time when playing a piece of music, and also develop their sense of rhythm. The tuner will help the musician to work out if they are playing sharp or flat and adjust their instrument until it is in tune, as well as train their musical ear. Here at Normans we provide a wide range of metronomes and tuners for all budgets, from compact, pocket-size models to more traditional mechanical options.

Of course, one of the best gifts you can give to a musician is an instrument, so if you are looking for advice on choosing the right model, click here for our buying guides!