We all want the best stand as possible for concerts practice and general home use. This blog will take you through each stand we sell, providing you with its advantages and disadvantages to help you find the right heavy duty stand for you.


Manhasset 4801 Symphony Stand


This classic black Symphony stand is great for both large and small groups of musicians. They can hold up to 3kg of music, meaning it can hold all your favourite books and sheets of paper at the same time! Being able to hold so much might lead you to believe that the stand itself is quite heavy, right? Wrong! In fact, it only weighs 2.46kg, making it a surprisingly lightweight stand and very easy to carry around if it needs to be.

However, these stands are designed to effectively ‘live in one place’, which inevitably leads to difficulties when treating it like a portable stand. Having said that, these stands can be folded back all the way – giving the stand a minimum height of 90 cm. If the need to transport it arose, it would easily pop into a car boot. It is also very reasonably priced, making it a viable asset to any musician’s collection.

Manhasset 5001 Orchestral Stand


This stand, like the 4801, can hold up to 3kg of music. A subtle, yet important difference (for the musicians out there who attend bands) is the double lip feature it has, which allows you store pencils, rubbers, rosin, valve oil, bows, reeds – almost anything you may need in a rehearsal.

The overall weight of this stand is 3.74kg. This extra weight is accumulated from lots of little extras that overall improve the stand a great deal. For example, it has a ribbed desk for extra strength, a heavy gauge welded steel base provides stability, allowing the stand to be secure when extended and a ‘Magic Finger Clutch’ which allows the stand to remain secure at any height even when heavily laden. With this stand being built to last a lifetime, it has everything a banding musician could ever ask for!


Manhasset 5201 Voyager Stand


This stand is for those musicians who want the high-quality standard of Manhasset, but are after portability, as it’s tripod base can pack down quickly and efficiently. It also has a twist lock mechanism for quick release of desk. This stand also comes with a bag that has been designed purposely for the voyager stand. It’s made from robust nylon and has a handy shoulder strap with enough room to also carry some music books in there as well, making it an ideal carrier bag. This stand, like all the others so far, can hold up to 3kg of music and weighs only 2.84kg which again increases its level of portability.


Manhasset 8501 Harmony Stand


This stand is extremely sturdy due to its base and would be able to hold over 3kg of music without collapsing if required. Once assembled, it doesn’t fold down like the more basic stands do, so you would be needed to be in a place where it could be constantly standing. This stand is surprisingly light and as it can be stored on trolley’s if accessible, so it’s ideal for schools.


RAT 69Q13 Jazz Stand



The Jazz stand. A professional quality music stand with a full range of height adjustment, industry standard stability and a full-size music tray with pencil shelf. And yet, because of its unique design it unfolds in three easy moves from a flat pack no larger than the size of the tray. It does this with no knobs, no finger traps and no hassle; just three easy moves. When unfolded, the Jazz stand is adjusted by raising or lowering it to the desired height and leaving it there. Its friction joints ensure that it stays at the right height. The tray has an additional shelf for pencils and small instruments. Friction locks automatically hold the tray at whatever angle you set. There are no knobs to fiddle with or lose, and it will never go slack.


Rocket Orchestral Music Stand


This stand is very strong and sturdy, more commonly used by conductors but is recommended to anyone who wants a reliable, cheap and robust stand. You can completely fold it down making it very easy to transport or permanently keep up if you so wish. It is lighter than it looks and are quite common within schools or big bands because of all its features, a worthy buy for any musician of any level.


About the author

After over a decades service Jonty left the Normans Team in 2018 to join the creators of pInstruments, Warwick Music. Originally a Tuba player Jonty developed a huge base of knowledge of all Brass instruments making him a true Brass specialist.