rocket-junior-drum-kit Even drummers have to start somewhere – and it’s not always practical for a young learner to try and start with a full sized adult kit. Fear not! Normans keep a good stock of the Rocket Junior kits. With a scaled down sizing to a 16” bass drum, these kits are ideal for the younger, smaller students, while retaining the functionality of a full sized drum kit – just smaller! These are easy to put together (there are loads of guides online if you struggle) and handily they only come in 1 box – so you won’t need to worry about the delivery. Literally everything you need to start playing comes in the one box – a full 5 piece kit with hardware and cymbals, even down to the drum throne and a pair of sticks. There’s also a drum key for you to assemble and tune them with! Crucially, and perhaps this is the most important point, they’re not expensive! At only £100 this is an absolute bargain considering the playability and functionality of the kit. In terms of what age they’re viable for or up until, it’s a difficult one as everyone grows at different rates in different directions! As a rough guide it should be suitable until around 13/14 years of age, but this isn’t an exact science as I say! See our range of Drum Kits here