Top 5 Small Hands Percussion for Christmas
With Christmas slowly creeping up on us, Small Hands Percussion is a great idea for stocking fillers for the young ones. Here are my top 5 ideas: mini-wave-drum1. Mini Wave Drum This is designed to create the sounds of the ocean by the small beads rolling around the inside of the drum. It also acts as a small snare drum effect when you tap the batter skin on the top. They are great to use for interaction between yourselves as well as the colourful eye catching designs inside. a-star-percussion2. A-Star Clatterpillar The Clatterpillar is based on the Japanese Kokiriko and creates a clacking sound similar to that of dominoes falling. You hold both ends and move it up and down similar to that of a rattle. There are so many rhythmic possibilities depending on how fast or slow you play it. rain-stick 3. A-Star Rain Stick The rain stick is small and colourful throughout. It has small beads inside that fall down through the chambers as you vertically rotate it up and down. This fascinating instrument then creates a rain effect that is perfect to use with activities such as story time.

crockoglock4. Early Years Crocoglock

The Crocoglock is set out in the pentatonic scale every note that is played sounds perfect for rewarding playing every time. It is a good instrument to create music with at an early age especially with its fun designed character. This is definitely one to use for learning about musical notes and rhythm. shake-it-set 5. A-Star Shake It Set Designed specifically for children, this pack comes with 4 different types of percussion/rhythm instruments. Each of the different instruments can hold the attention of children and they all make exciting sounds from bells to rattles for hours of fun. If you need any more information on small hands percussion then please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help and answer any queries you have. You can get to me on 01283 535 333 option 1, or email to