Recorder The primary school staple musical instrument, in a variety of colours and at such a low cost – you can see why they are so popular within education. You have A-Star, a market leading brand and producer of high quality, 3 piece construction recorders. If your child is perhaps under 3 years of age and in pre-school and there’s a sibling who has a recorder and there’s a little recorder jealousy…Nuvo have released the answer. The recorder+ is chunkier, features a silicone key system and is fully waterproof. The silicone key system allows for larger holes, preventing the squeaking you’d get on a traditional recorder.


Our bestseller, the Forenza Prima 2 Violin is hand crafted and superb for a beginner player. This violin is manufactured in a variety of sizes, ensuring music is accessible to most ages. If you’re on a budget then you could make do with the Forenza Uno. However, we would strongly suggest the Prima 2 for education and the uno for just recreational playing now and then. There’s no denying it, the Prima 2 is just better! For a cello, another popular instrument for schools, I’d recommend the Stentor 1102 model. An elegant and high quality instrument hand carved from selected woods. This Stentor cello is universally recognised as a bench mark instrument. A complete package, supplied with a padded cover and wooden bow. You can get the rosin here – your child will need it!


The majority of school guitars are classical guitars due to the nylon strings, which are slightly more gentle on the fingers compared to the steel strings you’d find on any other guitar. Firstly, I’d recommend one of our bestsellers, the 3rd Avenue Full Size Classical Guitar Starter Pack. It has everything a student could need. The pack includes a brilliant quality starter guitar, a capo, a plectrum and a protective bag with back pack style straps. Keeping the guitar super easy to transport from home, to school, to guitar lessons and back home again. Full size guitars are great for ages 11+. If your child is not quite 11 years of age, then you’ll more than likely be looking for a ¾ sized guitar. 


Your child plays the flute or is wanting to start playing the flute – first of all, good choice! It’s my fave instrument! Top of the list to recommend is the Trevor James TJ10X MKIV Flute, which is a great find for a beginner flute player. This flute will take you from beginner to intermediate with ease, designed to pure elegance and of the highest detail. There’s no denying you’ll stand out with this flute, the impressive tone, highly cushioned and moulded case accompanied by a carry case with white fluffy inserts. Together will keep your child’s flute protected. If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper alternative, then I’d recommend the Montreux Student Flute. This silver plated flute is great for any young player. Recommended by many teachers, Montreux instruments are made to last. This flute comes with a carry case featuring a detachable shoulder strap.


Can you play that sax? …Not quite yet? That’s okay, this next instrument is perfect for younger children with a dream of playing the saxophone. The Trevor James Alphasax is a clever twist on the original saxophone. The alphasax is lighter, and has reduced keys so smaller children don’t have to struggle with long reaches of a traditional alto saxophone. This saxophone is supplied with a moulded case featuring back pack straps, a harness strap, mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, ligature and reed. If you’re on a tight budget, then the Sonata Alto Saxophone is a steal! Featuring a carry case, cleaning accessories, mouthpiece and sax strap there’s everything ready for you to get practicing straight away. Established in the educator sector, this saxophone boasts precise, durable design and a beautiful finish.


One of the most popular school instruments! Personally, I'd recommend the Buffet Prodige Clarinet. It's SO worth the extra pennies, the quality is insane and without a doubt it's the best student model in the market right now. Offering a historical level of design and tonal projection will help your child excel so much through their grades. It also comes with an 'out of this world' gig bag, perfectly molded to the specific clarinet. The semi-rigid back pack gig bag includes a mouthpiece, ligature and reed. For roughly half the price you could get the Sonata Student Clarinet which is designed to get you off to a great start at the beginning of your musical journey. Whilst also being great for every budget. It is supplied with a lightweight case, reed, mouthpiece, ligature and cork grease.