percussion-classroom It’s that time, the music cupboards need updating, that 10 year old glockenspiel is looking a little sad for itself and well the triangles are lacking their triangle beaters. Every teacher wonders…just where do those triangle beaters go?! A mystery only the music department will try to understand. I do believe there’s staple percussion instruments a classroom should always have. These staple items can create 'off the cuff' music lessons when you’re running late from that department meeting or the head of house has caught you in the corridor, and of course you have to engage in conversation. Don’t even think you’re getting to that lesson in time if Charlie from Year 9 is having a mini meltdown in the corridor, cue… escorting him to SLT (Senior Leadership Team). He’s had too many chances and your patience is wearing thin… You arrive at your lesson, a little flustered from running from the other side of school. Why is it when you’re running late it’s always from the other side of the school? Always. Never around the corner. Next thing you know, lesson plan is out of the window and you rely on your trusted staple percussion instruments to save the day! Now, of course, not every school day requires ‘off the cuff’ lessons, we know you teachers work extremely hard to ensure your children get the most varied music education lessons. Below, are just the essentials every school classroom should have.

music-teacherEvery classroom should have:

A-Star Triangles – Pack of 10

A-Star Soft Rubber Beaters

A-Star Claves

A-Star 8 Inch Brass Cymbals

primary-school-percussionEvery Primary School classroom should ALWAYS have:

A-Star Egg Shakers – Box of 40

A-Star Small Wrist Bells – 10 Pairs

A-Star Sensory Reflective Tambourine

A-Star Mini Wave Drum

school-percussionEvery Secondary School classroom should ALWAYS have:

A-Star Half Moon Tambourine

A-Star 25 Note Chromatic Glockenspiel – Pack of 10

A-Star 21 Bell Sleigh Bells

A-Star 20 Player Djembe Pack

I hope you’ve found this blog helpful, I would always recommend A-Star as being the ‘go-to’ brand when looking for percussion for schools. A-Star have created all the products in their collection to be robust, durable and without a doubt tailored to school use. They provide affordable yet high quality percussion instruments and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Don’t believe me? Check out the reviews on the product pages written by schools, music hubs and private customers.