a-starTuned percussion is great for schools and as an introduction to music. Though, tuned percussion can also be pursued as a very intriguing main focus. The offerings from A-Star can be a great way to dip your toe into the world of music. As well as being a stepping stone to other instruments such as the Vibraphone or Marimba.

Classroom Tuned Percussion

A-star offer some great classroom options for tuned percussion. Many popular Glockenspiels are diatonic – meaning they are tuned to a scale. With these models, any note can be played and the result will sound appropriate. They’re ideal for simple melodies and learning the basics of music. These can come in colourful models, as well as curved or straight options, and span between one or two octaves. glockenspielThe most popular Glockenspiel that we sell into education by far, is the A-Star 25 Note Chromatic Glockenspiel. These are best suited for music lessons where accidentals are important too. So, this does mean that knowledge of the notes is more required to make a good sound. This particular model spans 2 octaves. These are ideal as a space saving or portable option. As they come in their own robust plastic case, these can be stored very easily, and safely. What is even better is that these are also available in a pack of 10! Perfect for the classroom. Beaters are included with all these glockenspiels, though additional beaters can always be bought separately!

A-Star Glockenspiel Kit

glockenspielFor the musician with loftier goals, there is the A-Star Glockenspiel kit. Aimed to be a stepping stone onto larger tuned or mallet percussion instruments, this is a chromatic Glockenspiel spanning two and a half octaves. Coming with a stand, carrying back and beaters this is a perfect option for any ambitious tuned percussionist! This also comes with a practice pad with some sticks. Which is great for practicing those rhythms and strokes without requiring the full instrument. This is a great introduction to music, allowing you to explore melody, rhythm and timbre.

Other Tuned Percussion

A-Star do offer other models which can be added to existing set-ups. Including Chromatic Notes for Bass and Soprano Xylophone. Along with Metallophone sections too. These are larger models with wooden cabinets. Which are much more suited to being put in a “permanent” place. A-STAR